Album: Kept Blind and Force Fed Lies (Demo) (2016)

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Song: Kept Blind

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Kept Blind is an intense Beercore band from Easton, PA. We are raw and angry, and always make sure to provide you with a show you will never forget. With Blasting energy, massive amounts of beer, and a deep sense of community, we try our best to unite everyone together regardless of what genre of music you like, where you are from, or what you are going through. No matter who you are you can come out to a show, rage violence, raise your voice, and feel right where you belong.

We first got together December 31st, 2015. We quickly wrote 5 songs, which would be one of our only writing and practice sessions before our first show February 13th, 2016 due to multiple complaints and visits from the police. We quickly started booking hard, playing as many shows as we could get ahold of anywhere from Philly to Hanover to Scranton, PA.